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Mary & Francis Duckworth, 13-10-2018

"We've enjoyed many bike/barge trips but handsdown, this was the best crew ever!"

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Karen Barnes and Dean MacKay, 13-10-2018

"You took a group of people from different parts of the world and created a family for 10 wonderful days"

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Mark & Caroline Bauhaus, 14-10-2018

"What a fun, fabulous trips with new friends & many thanks to wonderful Elodie crew"

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Kay & Stephen, 09-09-2018

"This is the second journey for this wheel barrow full of frogs and yet another great time"

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Debbie Grant, 29-08-2018

"New friends, memories and sad to leave the Elodie behind tomorrow."

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Liz & Jim Thompson, 29-08-2018

"We enjoyed our vacation on the Elodie tremendously"

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Wil and Carol deSain, 18-08-2018

"You've each given above + beyond the call of duty"

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Melissa Teresa Marthe, 05-08-2018

"Food was fabulous and crew personable"

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Jill & Mary, 05-08-2018

"We have been so well cared for"

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Connie & Larry Witt, 08-07-2018

"You made us feel like family"

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Becky & Bob Brewer, 08-07-2018

"Thanks for the fabulous time. "

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Dave & Kelly Ries, 24-06-2018

"This was an amazing trip for us."

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Stan & Colleen Price, 02-06-2018

"Great travel value"

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Steve & Sharon, 02-06-2018

"Spectaculair experience; we will be back another time!"

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Bekah Ross & Hal Beattie, 03-06-2018

"Our second time on the Elodie exceeded our very high expectations!"

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Jim & Eileen Brennan // Maureen Hoey & John Malar, 29-04-2018

" We'll be back!"

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Beverly Brookman & Derek Peach, 29-04-2018

"Always in our hearts!"

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Lana & Baza, 10-10-2017

"Thanks so much for the ride"

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